About Poi

There are so many things to know and learn about poi but there are few things we really recommend you consider before purchasing;

  1. Make sure your poi fit. If you put the upoko in the palm of your hand, the hukahuka should reach your elbow crease. Typically the size 18cm fits under 5 year old's and the 25cm fits most youth and woman. We make a 34cm and this typically fits men or those with long arms. We also make long poi 63cm and 73cm depending on your height.
  2. Know the parts of poi in te reo Māori. We recommend you learn the parts of the poi and encourage you to utilise the kupu/words that make these taonga uniquely Māori.
  3. Hold the poi correctly. We recommend you hold the poi between your thumb and pointer finger. Give the taura a gentle pinch, just below the hukahuka. Sometimes we see people holding the hukahuka, this is not ideal as they may slip out and fly away.
  4. Practice lots. The more you practice the easier poi become a part of you. 
  5. Utilise kupu Māori whilst practicing. Kupu (words) such as;
mōrere - swing
taki - beat
tākaro - play
kanikani - dance
whakaharatau - practice
waiata - sing.