Georgia's Kōrero - A Daughter's Story

In April 2019 my tumuaki (principal) from kura (school) told me about a wānanga (place of learning) in Matata that taught mau rākau (martial arts) and the ways of our ancestors for young Māori girls. The only problem was that she said I had to pay $600 dollars to attend this wānanga. So I went home and asked my mum and she told me I had to fund-raise myself, as we were off to Rarotonga in just three weeks.

I knew I couldn’t get a part time job after school as I am only twelve. So mum suggested I make poi (a ball like object, to which a cord of varying lengths is attached) as a fundraiser. I had made them in the past for presents for friends and whānau (family). 

On a Saturday morning mum posted a message on Facebook for me as I was too young for my own page, explaining my need to fund-raise on how I really wanted to go to the wānanga and then mum and I went on with our day. We went to two opp-shops and brought a lot of wool and a large pillow for stuffing for $6. Then we brought bio-degradable plastic bags from the Warehouse. We headed home and almost immediately and in just three days we had made $1000 dollars. 
So I went on my trip and also brought a GoPro to take on my trip to Rarotonga. Now mum and I are keen to pursue whether we could take our fundraising idea and make it into something bigger and greater


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